We Supply Solutions

Engine area

We manufacture various parts in and around the engine that are used to fix other components located in this area. Engine area can be taken to include all the fixations and supports around the engine.

Internal bodywork

Most of our products are used in the area of the bodywork.

We have extensive know-how in the field of high-strength steel and aluminium parts. Typical examples are bodywork reinforcements and supports. What is more, our product line includes features such as water channels and mudguard mountings.

Brake system

Providing protection around the brake system is another of area in which JORDAN specialises. We have state-of-the-art tooling technology and the latest presses for stamping that allow us to guarantee quality and the optimal process.

Door system

The electric window elevation systems located in the doors require very precise tolerances.

Many years of experience producing this type of product mean we can optimise dies and stamping processes to set a very high quality standard.

Isofix TLD system

The Isofix system defines anchor points that allow child car seats to be fitted quickly and securely. Jordan uses the most advanced technology to manufacture these assemblies, applying production controls at each and every stage.


Jordan Martorell specialises in forming and welding reinforcement assemblies for seats for the automotive industry.